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Drip UE-100 partially finished

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Jul 21, 2014
Ruhrpott - Germany
Another piece to let go off. was a hard decision to make...
so here it is: Drip UE-100 partially finished. ok sort of ;)
whats finished:
-PSU finished just needs IEC and a little wiring
-Crystal AMP finished with Sowter Input and Lundahl output TX (Tubes included)
-Harting Industrial connector from PSU to EQ (25x2,5mm²)
-Baustein A/B partially soldered (CMF55 Resistors throughout, another box with parts to finish the Baustein A/B comes with it)
-Tube sockets finished

What has to be done:
-all other Bausteine
-a lot other stuff

What comes with it:
-2 heavy 19" cases for PSU and EQ
-Tubes for the Crystal AMP, wires, box with a lot of other stuff
-Drip Manual
-Endless soldering pain (for free! ;) )

Picture gallery here : UE100

Price for all the fun and pain: 2500€ (thats what i got into this project)

and now comes the sad part of it: local pickup only! its to heavy for shipping it anywhere and i really dont have the time nor energy to organize anything in this direction. sorry for that!
but you get a good cup of coffee when you get here ;)

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