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Dual Pultec PM-EQP-2A $800

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Jan 17, 2014
I need to slim down so up for sale is a dual channel Pultec EQP-1A (PM-EQP-2A) equalizer. Each channel uses a tube gain stage as well as Edcor input and Carnhill output transformers. These are comparable to the amazing filters used on so many countless albums for the last 50 years. It is a versatile, warm, and beautifully useful dual channel EQ. Everything that goes through it sounds better. This is two Pultec's in a 2u rack with both working perfectly. The boost and cut use potentiometers but this eq could also work very well for mastering applications; although I have NOT used it for mastering but i have used it on the mix buss with good results. Each channel features a 6CG7 tube as well as an Edcor input Transformer and Carnhill output Transformer. The tube gain stage along with the hi quality transformer laden signal path really adds a warmth that gives tracks and songs the extra dimension they sometimes need. [br]This is a custom built by me (omnia:audio) using the pcb's designed by former Ian Thompson Bell for his 'Poor Man's Pultec' project (hence the PM in PM-EQ2-PA). Ian developed the EQ to be inductor-less by modifying the hi boost to use an RC shelving type instead of the LC circuit in the original which required an inductor. There is also only 6 frequencies instead of 7 as well as no bandwidth control.[br][br] [br]The EQ is just beautiful on acoustic guitars, vocals, bass, (oh it is just awesome on bass) strings, and works great for achieving the low thump hardness for kicks and getting that snap in snares that plug ins fail to do. This also works great on the mixbuss adding dimension while maintaining clarity.  It's also nice for getting the lows to come out on electric guitars. [br]I am selling it for my trip to Greece and because I need to slim down. [br][br]*please look at the pics. For one this is a used eq.  On the front left side there is a scratch that goes from top to bottom. I did it while removing the eq from the rack to take pics (sh*tty right?).  Also the left top and right bottom ears are slightly bent (and I mean slightly) I've used this EQ on nearly every decent sized project that has come in the studio. I knocked several hundred off of what i was going to ask for this and what I'd been offered.  I had it listed at $1200 on EBay with a lot of interest but I hate that place.* [br]
$800[br][br]$800[br][br] [br][br][br] [br][br] [br][br] [br][br] [br][br][br][br]I offer a 5 year repair warrenty. If something breaks within 5 years I will gladly repair the eq.

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