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F.S. 1U 250mm deep project case with backplane for racking 3 modules.

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Aug 19, 2006
Glasgow - UK
1U 250mm deep project case

The rear panel is fitted with a backplane  which is essentially our 3 slot 500 series advance rack, except in horizontal format.

Each slot has the following rear connections;

Main in/out XLRs
Second split output
Configurable insert send/return
Feed switch for linking the output of one channel to the input of the adjacent channel.
Link switch for stereo compressor operation.
7Pin DIN Power connector for +-16V, +-24V and +48V.  DC power cable included.

Front panel is blank.

This was an experimental prototype. As the depth is 250mm it will require an extender card for card edge connector, which I can supply separately.

GBP 225.00 plus shipping and paypal. (If sent as gift there is no additional paypal charge.)