FEELER: Moby´s T14/1 and C12A transformers reincarnations


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May 2, 2014
Czech republic
Ive asked Moby´s if he can make a exact copy of famous T14/1 transformer and also copy of AKG C12A transformer. His answer was YES if there will be minimun run of 50pcs (T14/1) and 20pcs (C12AT). Same as in case BV08, BV11, BV12 we have an idea to make some transformers available for as low cost as possible to the DIY community.

So we wanted to see how much interest is out there. There is possibility buy these transformers at pretty much cost price with the proviso that payment is up front and turnaround is about 90 days from when all the preorders are taken. Of course, it's possible unless  the situation of  global pandemics changes.

We need 50 orders of T14/1 transformer and 20 orders of C12A transformer to cover production costs and minimum orders.

Info about T14/1 transformer:
- fits C12, ELAM251 tube microphones circuits
- ratio is  11,45:1
- exact same dimmensions of bobbins and laminations as original
- same winding scheme as original
- same wire thickness and same color code

Price: 60,- €  [size=12pt]CLOSED

Info about C12A (U11) transformer:
- fits C12A cathode follower circuits
- ratio is 1.84:1
- not exact same dimmensions of bobbins and laminations as original (few milimeters difference), see Moby´s post number #10
- same winding scheme as original
- same wire thickness, different color code

Price: 65,- €  OPEN

If you are interested in, pleas write here which type transformer you need and how much pcs…. I will prepare list of members who are in.

You can contact me here, on my email mildavaca (at) seznam (dot) cz or via PM on my facebook site facebook.com/vamisound



Update, Oct. 19th: prices and minimum order has changed, see Moby's reply #32

T14/1        52    [size=12pt]CLOSED
[/size]C12AT      26

Vac11                                   1x T14/1, 6x C12AT
TillM                                     1x T14/1
Tony Hunt                          2x T14/1
Recording Engineer    1x T14/1, 2x C12AT
kvintus                                4x T14/1
Aleguitarpro                    2x T14/1
Hitchhiker                        1x T14/1
Delta Sigma                        2x T14/1, 1x C12AT
Shabtek                                2x T14/1
Winetree                            2x T14/1
jrasia                                      3x T14/1
Avgatzeblouz                  3x T14/1
koki                                        1x T14/1
uptownsquash                4x T14/1
TLRT                                      2x T14/1
lampas                                  4x T14/1
audiophreak                    2x T14/1, 2x C12AT
Fenix511                            2x T14/1
100WChris                        1x T14/1
59flame                               2x T14/1
Meyer                                  4x T14/1
madreza                              4x T14/1
duatro                                  2x T14/1
kg350zw7                          1x C12AT
gabriel.808                        4x C12AT
ElSmurf                                1x C12AT
mainsman                          2x C12AT
stybljan                                  2x C12AT
Romain Bernat                  2x C12AT
BUKVALT56                        1x C12AT
justinheronmusic            1x C12AT
boops                                1x C12AT



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Jun 3, 2004
Hey guys. Just to chime in. I made a tool for T14/1 bobbins but stopped there because I was busy with other work :( maybe it's time to continue. Btw, I have to double check the U11 (C12a transformer) winding scheme.


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Jun 3, 2004
Hey guys, thanks for your responses. I carefully checked the details regarding C12a transformer building and  figured out that it does not share the same core size-laminations-bobbins with T14/1. It's slightly bigger transformer and this combo T14/1-C12A does not work.
Generally it's not "commercial" model of the transformer, so making custom tools for it does not give promises ;)
But, I would really like to help people who want to make C12A and maybe I can find standard laminations what can be used here. My idea is to keep original winding scheme, same DCR and inductance, lamination alloy, dual bobbin arrangement but +/- few millimeters will be the difference from the vintage original transformer. It will not affect the sound, just the overall dimension. I still don't know the total cost of it but I can try to make it the same as mentioned in the first post.
Are you still in? Should I keep negotiating with potential lamination distributor?
Regarding T14/1, I really want to start producing it, especially because I'm not happy with the sound of available clones on the market, including "the original one" what is produced in past 20 years.
So, if we reach the 50 pieces I will give my best to make it possible.
Try to spread this around, because I'm not sure how many people is checking under the "Magnetics".
Cheers :)