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For Sale: GSSL Parts (complete kit)

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Feb 7, 2022
Hi everyone!

For sale is a complete GSSL parts kit, with everything (front panels included!) you need to complete the project.

I thought I would have enough time & energy to put this project together, but unfortunately I don't. Rather than let it collect dust, I thought I'd pass it along to someone else... and save them the trouble of sourcing all the components.

I'm asking $450 + shipping costs, and here's a link to the Reverb thread: GSSL Compressor Clone Kit — all parts included for DIY! | Reverb

I'm located in Vienna, Austria, but will happily ship to anywhere in the EU or in the US.

(I would prefer to keep the sale through Reverb for their buyer & seller protection benefits.)

As I stated in the listing, I'm not in the business of preparing and selling kits. I have no interest in doing that, or undercutting people who I bought the panels and components from. This is a one-time deal! :)

Any questions, just let me know!
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