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For Sale FS: 2 pairs of SDCs from the "KM84 Kit" white market thread

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Nov 30, 2008
Brooklyn, NY, USA

I'm offering up two pairs completed small diaphragm condensers from the "KM84 Kit" that was active for a few years in the white market. These microphone excel at close micing stringed instruments and close micing percussion instruments. If you have experience with the more recent SDC offerings in the $1,200+ range, you could swap these out and be very happy with the results.

Key points:

-$550/pair including shipping + insurance anywhere in USA
-Padded down internally to have a similar output level to my Neumann KM86s
-Cinemag transformers
-Unpainted brass body
-No clips included
-FET is biased for maximum output before distortion
-set screws replaced with stainless steel screws from McMaster
-I had 7 of these kits, so I did frequency sweeps for each capsule and paired the capsules that had the closest frequency responses and sensitivity.
-One pair has a modified circuit to reduce the bass response of the microphone, this was because the combination of the capsule and the transformer is too sensitive to low frequencies to my ears. The other pair doesn't have these capacitors installed but I can include the 4.7uF caps that (according to the schematic) belong there, or you can source your own 1-2uf caps to stick in that location to match my modification.


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