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FS 2 x Bluzzi's EZ 1084 pcb + IJ Research's 2448 psu PCB partially populated

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May 12, 2016
Bought these last winter but I have to let them go. Each pcb is partially stuffed with high quality caps, transistors, relays and resistors. EZ1084 is the line eq section of the Neve 1084 preamp and eq. You have the option to add a 1290 preamp and get a perfect copy of the original design. The 2448 psu can easily power both channels and add a 48V for the 1290 option. I give the link and password for the very detailed building guide and BOM. There's a thread dedicated to the 2448 psu build. This project is sold out so this is a good opportunity and only chance to get a pair of this beauties.

200€ for the lot + shipping anywhere in Europe. This is a great deal price IMO, the one I've paid them.
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