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FS: Drip Seven

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I´m into gear...
Nov 19, 2011
Stockholm, Sweden
Hi folks,

Hate to do this, but I just don´t have the time to build it at the moment.
Drip electronics Seven ULTRA BRITISH = 2x RS 127 + 2x Redd .47
So: 2 amazing compressor/limiters ( 6386 tubes in the comp!) and mic/line preamps with all the bells & whistles in one box!
It´s full of cool features, like D.I, pad in/out, 48 volts, hold, attack /release, polarity, high-pass filter, relay switching etc etc.
This would be one fine Stereo/ dual Mono unit.
15 boards in total!
It is also well documented, so building should be straight forward if you take the time and populate each board at a time.
Still has the wooden box, plastic bags for the boards and shipping box!
I have the extensive onehub building file.
It is Sold Out at Drip.
250 USD +Shipping+ Paypal fees.

Located in Stockholm, Sweden. Will ship anywhere. Buyer pays for the actual shipping.

All the best,


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