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FS: Equinox U47 body. New with 7 pin connector and PCB mounts

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Active member
Jan 25, 2013
Liverpool, UK
As stated in the title, I have an Equinox U47 body with the 7 pin connector and the small L brackets for PCB mounting all brand new just never got to the project so im having a clear out.
I think to buy all of this would come to.... (Body £312, connector £20, Brackets.. cant remember)... so looking at around £335.

So make me an offer. Be good to see this lovely Mic body finally get used.

Also have some high quality vintage resistors and caps that I built up for this to keep with the vintage theme. Message if you want more details on these.


  • U47 body.jpg
    U47 body.jpg
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  • U47 connector.jpg
    U47 connector.jpg
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