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FS: LA2A Front panels, Ampex, PCB's

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Jun 18, 2013
Hi guys,
up for sale some more items from my lab:

- LA2A front panels , Teletronix logo, white, 3 rack units, fits Hammond case (part number 525DGY2). Including rack ears and L bracket. 2 avaliable.  Price 80 Eur each plus shipping
Pictures here:

- Original Ampex 351 faceplate plus original VU meter (tested and fully working). A beautiful preamp can be built using this front panel, useful also for refurbishing old units : 350 Eur plus shipping.
I will include for free also a second original Ampex not working vu meter.
Pictures here (no VU meter in the pictures but i can provide if needed):

-Radford Lab gear, Price drop up to your offer, please see the original listing in Black Market here:


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