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For Sale FS - *Lower Price* S800 (Trident Series 80) 8-Channel Unit using Perusha's Case

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Jun 3, 2004
Price drop to $2800.

I'm finally parting with my beloved 8-channel S80 equalizer. 8 channels of Trident Series 80 EQ, including filters, with simple, balanced output stages for outboard use. This was a project I created with another forum member (the circuit/pcb) back around 2005 IIRC. Perusha followed up with a dual channel and 8-channel cases. My build uses his 8-channel case, which is beautiful, but a royal pain in the butt to wire up as it requires wires to connect it all (LOTS of wires... see pics), but a worthy project with killer sonics. Has been a critical part of my recording setup for years, but I am finally downsizing and just don't use it much. No problems, fully functional... just deserves to get used more than I do now with my scaled back recording setup (closed my commercial facility back in 2015, and this has been in storage since... time to let it go to a better home).

Mogami wiring throughout and Siam knobs from the group buy that I coordinated back in the day with this project was new. I/O is via 25-pin D-sub connectors (Tascam pinout). Can be switched to XLRs if desired (not by me, unless you don't mind paying extra).

A worthy unit that will be a blessing to someone's recording/mix rack.

$2800 plus shipping from Plano, TX 75075. PM me if interested (serious inquiries only please, I have no desire to waste anyone's time or have my own wasted, thank you).

Thanks so much for looking!



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