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Feb 15, 2021
1. Microphone preamp modules

I am selling microphone preamp modules left over from a project. The preamplifiers were made based on the NEVE xx73 or EZ1290 design and consist of two PCB boards. The first PCB has two stages of the BA183NV voltage amplifier, and the second board is the output stage. The dimensions of the first PCB are 93 x 59 mm and the dimensions of the other one are 71 x 59 mm and can be placed above the first board (the holes fit M3 screws). The boards have been designed and tested by me.
I am selling three different types of preamplifiers, using 3 different transistor brands.
The first preamp uses the old Motorola transistors, low noise 2N2484 and BCY59 in the voltage amplifiers, while the output transistor is also the old Motorola 2N3055.
The second preamp uses the old ITT transistors BC184C in voltage amplifiers while the output transistor is the old ITT 2N3055.
The third preamps uses the old Siemens transistors, BCY59 in voltage amplifiers, while the output transistor is the old Siemens 2N3055.
With each preamplifier, you get a gain switch (3 poles 12 positions, fits in 1U chassis) to change the gain of the input stages in 5dB steps, and a 10klog Bourns potentiometer for volume. The switch and potentiometer have a 4mm shaft. The necessary connecting wires are also provided, as well as the basic documentation for the connection. See the last picture.
All preamplifiers have been tested and working. I have a few preamps of each type, the price is 80Euro each + shipping costs. I ship worldwide.
If you are interested, or have any questions, please send me a PM.
P.S. To complete the mic preamp, you also need an input and output transformer, 24 and 48 volt power supply, switches to turn on the phantom power and polarity flip, input and output connectors, and of course a chassis to contain everything. Those parts are not included.

2. Alps faders 100mm

used, cleaned, tested, working
10kB - linear, set of 8pcs 40Euro, 3 sets available
10k - VCA, set of 8pcs 40Euro, 4 sets available
10kA - stereo, log, set of 8pcs 60Euro, 1 set available

3. TAC Scorpion VU meters TFK D-634P

used, found in an old box, working
set of 12pcs 50Euro

I ship worldwide.
If you are interested, or have any questions, please send me a PM.
Do you still have the Tac Scorpion I meters for sale