FS: SOLD 2 x 8 THAT 1512 preamps and 2 x 8 AD797 + external PSU

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Nov 23, 2008
Barcelona - EU
Selling 16 channel preamps plus external PSU capable of running all preamps.

- 2 x 8 preamps using THAT Corp 1512 Dantimax PCB, 8 x JLM Audio regurgitator and 8 x JLM  Audio Go-between (phantom, polarity, pad)

- 2 x 8 preamps using AD797 DIY-Tubes PCB, 8 x JLM Audio regurgitator, 8 x JLM Audio Go-between (phantom, polarity, pad)

- PSU from JLM Audio feeding both units. Plenty of power

Selling low priced. I really need them to go. You can just savaged them and use Go-between and regurgitator for whatever you want.

Some pots are scratchy due to lack of use. Clean them and they are good to go!

XLR inputs, TRS outputs

500€ 350€ 250€ OBO + shipping worldwide from Spain, EU