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GE 5-Star 6072 Tubes (and other rare/nice tube types)

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Feb 3, 2015
I ended up buying a lot of tubes from a collector, found a lot of triple-mica tubes including several 5-star 6072s.
They've tested good on my tester, but I don't currently have any tube circuits to test these in. I mostly don't have the original boxes either, and the lettering on some tubes is partially worn away. They are not NOS, but they seem to be in good enough order.
Tubes located in USA. Add $5 for shipping in CONUS. International, we can talk.

5 count - GE 5-star 6072 - $50 each
2 count - Mullard 1961 short plate 12AX7 - $60 each
3 count - GE 5965 (12AT7 ) - $15 each
2 count - Mullard 1961 EF94/6AU6 - $10 each
1 count - 1950s Raytheon 12BH7 - $30
1 count - 1960s Sylvania 6CG7 - $20
3 count - 1961 Mullard short plate 12AU7 - $60 each
2 count - GE 5-star 5814WA (triple-mica 12AU7) - $20 each
1 count - GE 5751 (triple mica 12AX7) - $30

Various: 6AL5, 6BA6, 12A*7 types, 6SN7, many more.
I have many other tubes I do not recognize, but if you're looking for anything just ask. Shipping can be bundled!
I want everyone to be happy with these tubes, so I will accept returns. Just pay return shipping. Thanks!
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