Good builds/pcbs that fit Alctron HT-11A and GT-2B-types? (Europe-based)

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Jan 6, 2020
HI DIY'ers

First post, long time lurker. For a long time, I haven't been able to get my account activated, so thanks for responding quickly to my request this time around!

Having spent the pandemic getting my feet wet in electronics (built 30 something guitar pedals...), I decided I want to move to the next level and try something TOOB (also have a couple of guitar-related projects and a potentiel G36-preamp conversion lying around...)

I found a T.Bone SCT-800 (HT-11A) and an Alctron GT-2B (local brand, but pcb says Nady TCM-1050... so rebrand of a rebrand?) locally very cheap for donor bodies/power supply case.

I intend to make a 251 clone and a U47 clone out of these bad boys and was looking around for pcbs that fit these two.

There are couple of international options I reckon will fit the HT-11A ( and the Matador pcb), but preferably I'd like to avoid import taxes, so are there any European options?

How about the GT-2B? I've looked at the dimensions, and it's the same diameter as the bigger U47-type bodies, but also shorter...
I intend to use 3U transformers (GZT-47 and GZT-12) with Tim Campbell capsule and Thiersch capsule.

In general, any words of wisdom and advice for a new microphone DIY'er is welcome!


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Apr 15, 2017
Well that's debatable. The circuit would have more headroom, less thd, and interact differently with preamps due to the cathode follower and some other stuff.
tube CF microphones

But to really nail all the aspects of u47 you would need a bv8 type transformer and something like ef14. I don't think you can fit those in that body.

You don't really need a pcb for u47, it uses a handful uf components, you can easily build it point to point, or just use perfboard

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