GroupDIY Rules: Read before posting in any of the forums!

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Jun 3, 2004
Welcome to our community!
I see a lot of new members! 
So that everyone can have an enjoyable experience with minimal friction please read the following basic guidelines before posting.

1. Absolutely NO SPAM. This is just obvious internet etiquette. If you suspect that what you might be posting will be interpreted as SPAM, you may be better off not posting it. SPAM will be deleted.

2. Absolutely NO pornography, sexually offensive comments, or links that lead to outside sites that contain similar material, is permitted here. 

3. Topics involving the exchange of money should be kept only to the Black Market or White Market.

4. You will find that the members of this community are incredibly courteous and respectful of each other, so please reciprocate those gestures. Leave the Flame-war mentality at another forum.  Personal attacks as well as general hateful comments (regarding race, religion, gender, sex, etc...) will not be tolerated.

5. No member should register under additional usernames.

6. Use the search function (thoroughly) before posting.  It is quite possible your question may have already been answered by knowledgeable members that have been generous with their time.  A tremendous wealth of knowledge is actively updated and compiled in the "Meta" threads--take advantage of them.

7. claims absolutely no liability for any damages that may result from the use of these forums.  All posted statements are the opinions of the respective author(s).  By using this site, the user is in agreement that is exempt from any liability to the fullest extent of applicable laws.

Thanks and enjoy!
Not open for further replies.