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terry setter

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Nov 17, 2013
assuming he uses the $499 version....
Any consensus on getting the $299 vs $499 version? Buy once cry once? Or is the $299 version worth the price of admission?
The $299 and the $499 are the same phones and same "basic" software. For more money, you get more room simulations. I found that buying the $299 and spending another $99 for the additional rooms I wanted (and NOT the ones that didn't interest me) I got out happily.


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Sep 10, 2007
I downloaded a trial version of dsonic’s Realphones plugIn and Redline DB112. I downloaded can opener earlier from recommendation in this thread which has expired. I have 7506 phones for tracking, HD600 phones for mixing and some AKG 240’s from the past. Redline 112 is great for creating a less Left Right fight in the phones and for judging center field levels. Realphones can create an environment but a percentage control allow you to set the influence from 0 to 100%. It also has curves for the phones you use like sonarworks which I have used for the last 5 years on my phones and genelec monitors. I own sonarworks but have a 41 day trial for the other two. The cross feed does help make headphones more enjoyable for listening. I also purchased. Metric A/B for making referencing much easier. Still thinking about VFX but will play with phones I know.

abbey road d enfer

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Jan 22, 2008
One thing about the VSX, since the phones model the room, the transients are softened that same way they are in a room, by traveling through air. I can mix on them for hours with little or no fatigue, unlike straight earbuds or headphones. The new version of the software is so accurate that the soffit mounted speakers actually have height in the phones. The phantom center is like standing a few feet away from an artist and listening.
My comment was addressing the issue of listening with earbuds or headphones at dangerous levels, which is what many kids and not-so-kids do today.
The Harman curve being just an aggravating factor.
A few decades ago, tinnitus and hearing impairment were confined to industry and musicians.
Today, anyone is a potential victim.
Actually, I believe that SE's and ME's are much less at risk because they are much better educated than Joe Public.

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