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Apr 13, 2021
Hi, my daughter and I have been building for a couple of years now, with good success. I used to play with electronics in my teenage years, later took a degree in engieering, and made it into software. A lot has happened in electronics since the 80's, but passing on the interest now feels very good. There's so many resources out there to teach the young today, and she's a quick learner and diligent to detail.

Our first project was a gSSL, which turned out quite nicely with Coolaudio VCA's. Below showing it in its almost finished state. This spring we built a G1176 as well. We've generally been successful with our builds due to her attention to detail when soldering and my experience building things that didn't work ;) We talk a lot our projects, and take the time we need.

We're definetely more interested in electronics and sound than mechanics and aesthetics working with with cheap boxes and applied handwitten labels on the front. Authentically DIY, we think.

We try to keep our equipment cheap and simple. I could personally afford to go expensive, but feel that trying to save some money where possible is a good part of the journey.

We've also built some kit pedals from GUITAR-ELECTRONICS.EU and we recently inherited my father in law's components collection. I made a small Fuzz Face clone out of a couple of transistors in that. I'm also still trying to repair her Marshall Valvestate 80, which is unstable. Our latest project involves restoring a 24 channel Soundcraft Spirit Studio mixer. We're working on a PSU for that as the first job as the original was missing. I'm getting back to that as that has turned out to be confusingly problematic - probably because I thought it was simple ;)



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Gavin Pursinger

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May 23, 2022
Beaverton Oregon
Hi Denmark

I went to Copenhagen with my dad when I was 11. Seemed like a great friendly place to a young kid
The Bing & Grondel Christmas plate of the mermaid (1967 ?) Was huge in our house and glad I got to see the real statue.
They were throwing balls at B&G plates at Tivoli....my old man bought alot of the plates from the arcade and made a beautiful ,Sunday dinner table set !!!

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