Help. Beesneez BV12 transformer to a D-U67


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Oct 26, 2019
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Reposting here because I don't really know who to turn to on this one:

I've had the Beesneez BV12 mis-wired to the D-U67 for months now. My caridoid seemed good, figure 8 was dull, and omni was weak and didn't have enough low end.

I now know it's because it was mis-wired. When I altered the wiring today to another configuration based on the t67 configuration (I think), Cardioid sounded even better, Figure 8 no longer was dull, and Omni is now dull but louder, and they all now contain a high-pitched transformer buzz.

The Beesneez BV12 doesn't have a datasheet and what I got from Ben doesn't really explain to me how to wire it to this circuit, at least not to a relative newb like me.

If there is anyone out there familiar with this circuit or transformer, please help me. I am so close.

I've attached a picture that has the drawing Ben sent me, and the circuit.

If you need any info from me, just tell me how to record the data and I've got it covered.

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