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Hypaethral, Pres, Mics, Parts, Pcbs, Freebies 07.09.21

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Oct 18, 2004
Winnipeg Mb Canada
slowly I'm going to start to list everything I have [ eventually ] keep bare essentials for the work I do currently
try to get to only having one or two projects on deck ! not recording full bands anymore so just not going to get to it
and getting ready to move in a couple of years

May trade for certain things , BM projects although the idea is to reclaim space, money
and attention [ to other things ]

Please EMAIL gboboski at gmail dot com PM BOX IS FULL on purpose , I see email quicker
May trade for MORE complete B.M. projects
If no price means I don't know what I paid [ or what the cost is ], make "reasonable " offer
Wanted looking for,
Vp 28 500 pre pair
1-Gix 51x tube pre
2- mic splitter Xfmrs
500 series eq's
parts complete 500 kits / un-built is fine if complete
I need one or two Schoeps bodies ,
Omni mic pair of some decent sort

reverb store


Likely too heavy to ship, but feelers on letting my 10" Tannoy's go
they are in a box called Eaton, may never have another pair again so not selling cheap!

Onicraft GT-4 " passive " gates 2 for 39.00 ! need going through cleaning pots & connectors at the least

Bought these to mod , won't get to them but decent and usable as is
Peavey TMP-1 More old school than original design , only real possible problem is
phantom power is 24v. not starved plate design , line in but not Hi Z in

Misc Audio Cylopedia Fair condition

PROJECTS , some of these I've bought the commercial version and don't need more, so ............

2-M1 type preamp boards w/ Cinemag 8PCA input xfmrs Not in a hurry to get rid of these but if I got a good price
it's one less thing to build

NeveRange mid eq's , well the project as I started to put it together was the pultec midrange eq with
the neve line amps for make up gain with Sowter xfmrs , could consider splitting it up
390.00 is what I have in it [ the sowter's are expensive ! ]

Tube mic preamp G9! lunhdal inputs, faceplate pots , no pwr xfmr can throw in XLR's

Sontec Massenburg parametric eq project ON HOLD
pcb boards, faceplate and hard to obtain pot set, priced high because I don't really want to lose the chance
open to outragously high offers [ or really good trades of what I need ]

front panels w/ meter two pots and two rocker type [ c&k spst behind ] 2 for 20.00!
PSU pwr xfmr really for a tube amp with 500v CT winding plus 6v & 48v 49.00


2 SGA opamp kits

2N3055 Neve output stage transistors , 1 Motorola pair , the odd one out will be included with the toshiba pair
don't know the value yet so make a good offer if you want them!

Misc Xfmrs 1 - 600:600 15.00 2- 50k tube type one 9pin one 8pin [ 1 broken pin ] 2 for 10.00

Pair of Hadley output xmfr's

Hammond 850 , one L [ E version is sold thanks ] 10.00 each

misc pcb's , two headphone amps you have to do the research , neve output stage , ssl sidechain
the balancer pcb included with any purchase , all boards 5.00 each or best offer

SSL / Aphex , My friend has Some BUT he wants 20.00 each minimum 10 quantity
1537A VCA's 14pin higher quality ceramic type last 8 I can find in my pile! 15.00 each

Ampex bridging xfmr pair Catalog number 4580200-01 gold pins 25 each

sifam mini meter, may have pair

UREI output xmfr pair 39.00

tube / discrete board from Millennia TT eq , contains two of the millennia opamps 275.00 [ will entertain trades or offers ]
I have hand traced pwr & i/o pinout info but expect NO help from millennia , I planned to use it as switchable tube / discrete
summing amp make up gain , or dual pultec output stage but have not gotten to it yet . [ I may eventually ]
story is I bought this from a member here who upgraded his millennia eq with a Forssell
board [ gotta say forsell has never been help with anything so don't bother ] so you are on your own
Expect No help from Millennia , in fact Joel WILL laugh at you as he admitted millennia is not worth the parts cost,
[ but he's actually quite funny ] so If you have a friend at a dealer with millennia product, that will not help .
although tube paths are not too hard to trace

I/O relay pcb's & XLR's marked F C S 2005 a good vintage well aged ready for use!
30.00 for 2 pair

Guitar gear

Hafler Triple Giant
Ada midi tube pre

Freebies [ with purchase cause then you've already got some of the postage paid for ! ]

prosumer camera mic has multi pin [5 ] connector,

pultec midrange eq pcb's , these were included in some deal so free with any purchase

6386 tube , Yes say you own one [ one side does not test good ]

1- Dan Kennedy's opamp expierimenter pcb's space for one 8pin dip & both regulators
no info you'll have to be a little clever, free with any purchase

Living sounds mix stick etched not drilled , free with any purchase [ one left ]

Mega Mod Meter [ say that as many times as you like! ]
bezel is 5" x 3" meter is 4 5/8 " x 4 1/8 " free with purchase

fet d.i. input either someone gave it to me or sold it cheap, free with any purchase

from a retro fitted mixer [ buffer boards ? ] uses a 301 I.C. [ socketed ] i'll throw two free in with any order

4739, they are obsoleted parts with no equivalent

Mallory MGLL8 Dual stereo L pad 8 ohm 50 watt 20.00 o.bo.

inductors from Yamaha board will post the values 1.00 each

1/4 D shape knobs
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Jul 6, 2005
Los Angeles
Your for sale and free threads were always legendary!  Great to see the old Black market back.  I'll do a clearout too later this week, I may even do one of my fundraisers for the forum.



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Jan 3, 2009

Do you happen to know what the sensitivity range is of the compression meter?



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Sep 4, 2010
Norwich, UK
I could do with some of your vents! at least 3, 5 would be nice :)
I'll take a pair of your greyhills to get them here
is that ok?


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Oct 18, 2004
Winnipeg Mb Canada
The Ward Beck is no longer intact [ 2 modules short ] but I wasted waay too much time getting shipping quotes
for people who flaked , so not likely to bother selling it whole .
grayhills are gone , I'll gladly give as many vents as you like , if they didn't have the tabs could mail them in an envelope
but they are a little " light duty " plastic


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Jun 17, 2009
Hi Greg, I got the box of stuff. You're packaging is excellent and everything arrived in perfect shape. Thanks for the extra bonus stuff too!