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Electronic monk
Nov 15, 2008
Mexico City, MX
This was part of the research:

Scarlett / UA Volt interface pres = 3k
RME Fireface = 3.4K
SSL2 = 1.2k
Presonus XMAX 1.6K
Apollo X = 5.4k but is variable depending on the model loaded according to their tech support
AEA TRP2 = 63K
Neve 1073 300/1.2K
API312 = 1.5K
UA610 = 500/2K

Testing in a chamber is nice and gives you really nice clean neat numbers. Thats not what i was after. Im after what REALLY happens, in a studio, recording music with equipment commonly found in home and pro studios. If you can't recreate the perfect scenario results in the real world, then your test numbers aren't worth the paper they're printed on. Its just a spec for someone to oggle or some marketing guy to use as an edge over the competition.
You are correct, but then you can't argue that the manufacturers specs are not correct. You can't do a measurement in which the experimental conditions are completely different and argue that the spec sheets are lying. That is not how things work.
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