Inductor Help for Time Delay Lattice for Vari Mu limiter ???

gary o

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Dec 28, 2004
have lots of questions reguarding Time Delay Lattice Networks heres 2 Vari Mu limiters that feature them

First the GE BA 5A

And heres the Trimax A30

In the 1st schamatic The GE BA 5A ....L11A/B and .05uf capacitors 19/20 is the bit im intersted in New york Dave kindly dug up some info on the inductors ...they are Thordarson T doubt Il never find one a those.......But could I make them ??????..........

18 Millihenries what other specs would I need ???
I dont know much about inductors so dont know where to start
not even sure about milli or micro hennries, I found some inductors at farnell but dont no what im looking for

Dave also posted a PDF about these lattice networks that prob contains the info I need ....its just beyond me tho

Heres a link to the other thread containing the that PDF

Mygoals is the make or buy the time delay circuit to DIY a limiter based on the Trimax A30 limiter...

Here yet another link to a thread..... explaining what im trying to do ....and yet some more questions......Well if ya dont ask ya dont learn..

T3 is the inductor/s in this circuit and I noticed the capacitors are 2UF here unlike the GE BA 5As .05 UF....I wonder if this increases the time delay ???

I also notice theres no inductances shown ....sadly.

Would love to haer anyones thoughts and ideas on this one.

Thanks for reading ..................Gary O.


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Jun 3, 2004
It would be cool to splice together all the different time constant circuits from all the diferent compressors and limiters, and put them into one pdf.

Fairchild, GE, RCA, Langevin, and the stuff you have above.

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