Ireland under 'caretaker' government

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Nov 18, 2015
With no concensus between the three largest political parties , we find ourselves in a political stalemate where the unpopular outgoing government remain at the helm.  They were blowing their own trumpet about the economic growth all along , a new report came out recently that shows that two sectors were responsible for this , pharmaceutical and IT . The reality is the growth in those sectors is masking a decline in small and medium indigenous enterprise . The other thing they did to mask the real figures was take tens of thousands of long term unemployed people and force them instead to claim sick benefit ,and of course take meds which are addictive and will mean they probably wont ever be passed fit for work again in their lives . Meanwhile hungry eastern Europeans take up the slack quite happy with minimum wage. It really is no wonder there's been  a shift in the way people vote ,when our own are put out to pasture and replaced with more efficient workers with much lower expectations . Theres a huge sense of betrayal bubbling away just below the surface here, as I mentioned before its always been there in some quarters , but now its spreading up through society as the disparity between the 'haves' and 'have-nots' widens. Went out on my usual run with the dogs this afternoon , it appears I have a new neighbour living on a patch of public land near me , in a tent inside a concrete pill box/look out post , no one home at the time ,but pathway leading into it bears signs of regular foot traffic . More homeless people than ever before yet apparently the economy is in better shape than ever in living memory , it doesnt add up.

Were 98 years since the foundation of the Irish state, at the rate were going I'd be surprised if we make the 100 years mark . In the dying days of British rule here in the early 1920's crown forces numbered over 40,000 men , today the total number of Gardai(Irish police) is less than 15,000 , if trouble escalates the boys in blue wont stand a chance of holding the line . The fact that we have a 'unionist' police commissioner  from the north of Ireland doesnt sit well with a lot of people either. The reality on the ground is Leo Varadkar's  leadership has turned out to be a huge gift to the Irish republican cause .

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