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John Oram PRO24 / Trident Series 80 Console Project/Parts (12 Channels)

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Jan 1, 2021
Hi everyone, have a pretty bizarre piece here... Picked this up a long time ago from an acquaintance without realizing how physically large it is. Sad to say the project has sat and collected dust (climate controlled storage) and realistically, I don't think I will ever get to it.

I have no idea what this is worth and would love to see it go to someone who would want to use it, so in that case I am open to really any offers, trades, etc. I am located in Massachusetts, USA and this thing is *big* so local pickup would be your best option. That being said, if you personally wanted to arrange some sort of shipping/freight, I wouldn't say no.

Here are a bunch of ugly photos of the parts and such: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iQDMMI4eRTHou8LA_hINaikmLngkyq35?usp=sharing (manual is in that Drive link as well)

John W Oram Trident Series 80 / PRO24 (5.1) Recording Console "Sidecar" with 12 channels, faders, chassis, cables, power supply, etc

My acquaintance (who is not a tech) told me the following info:
The full console was installed at New England Institute of Art (NEIA) in Boston, Massachusetts. When the school was shuttered in 2017, the console was split into 3 parts - the left side with I/O transformers is in service at a private studio and the right side was split into two and divided. The console (including this part of it) was functional and in use prior to the school closing. I might have a lead on another 9 channels (and respective bucket) if you are interested.

Here is what’s included in the lot of parts I have:
- 1x chassis/bucket for 12 channels and faders
- 12x Trident ALPS faders (automation not included)
- 12x channel strips with Mic Pre/Line In/British EQ
- Various cabling, DB25, ELCO, etc, additional 5pin JST connectors to get power from power supply to channels and connect channels to ELCOs
- 1x Trident Power Supply with 48+ phantom power card
- 1x Meter Bridge (for this half of the console)
- Complete original schematics of the entire console (very crucial - realistically someone should scan and save these...)

Here is whats missing
- 1x Power Distribution Module to get from the PSU to the channel strips

A blurb from the previous owner:
“Here is the deal: I have been told by multiple techs that this thing can be resurrected but needs a competent technician to get it back online. I just don’t have the time or patience to devote to this right now. I will take any trade or best offer up to that amount. I am not trying to make a fortune on this - just give me what you think is fair in cash or trade and lets go from there.

This is not a deal for beginner engineers or anyone who doesn’t know their way around electronics. This is an advanced project and a labor of love for someone out there. I don’t want to talk to anyone who isn’t serious about taking this thing. Take it, part it out, refurb it, I honestly do not care. I just don't have the time or patience to do all of that myself.

I will not provide any sort of technical support for this purchase. It has almost everything you need to get it back up and running, and John Oram is still around and can be easily contacted for support.“

Bucket is: 45” deep, 22.75” wide, 6” tall at the front (fader side) and 9” tall at the back. The weight isn’t terrible - I easily loaded it in and out of a car with one other person, it’s just bulky.


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Jan 1, 2021
Still available and still in the process of scanning documents if anyone was curious. Some cool stuff in there. Was scanning on a printer/copier/scanner combo and was looking bad so I've moved over to my nice flatbed for made photos at home instead.

Again, open to trades, whatever else.