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Jun 3, 2004
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Gentlemen, I'll take the heat.

There might be some issues you should all consider:

1.) Somebody is paying for this forum out of his pocket and Steve has just turned an $800 profit today, of the back of that generosity.

(Steve's own admission is to an $80 profit per unit.)

2.) Before anyone suggest that Steve "kick-back" a few bucks to the host, that would set a precedent for the possibility of the host conspiring with enterprise in the future with the aim of exploiting this forum for profit. We just left something like that.

3.) No one is suggesting that Steve close his business. Only that he refrain from transacting deals directly in this forum proper. That goes for inventory updates by the minute as well. Do it by email or pm's. And let's set up a separate forum - for a reasonable fee - where businesses can advertise. The proceeds can go to help offset the cost of this place. Let's work it out.

4.) Steve has stated his profit to be $80 per unit. That's upwards of 20% gross margin. That is a serious margin by any standard. The PC industry would kill for that. Personally, I don't care if he makes 100% profit, good for you Steve - just don't make me feel like I'm being exploited when I come here.

5.) This is an enterprise with a name, "Bloo Technologies," that is a far cry from individuals carrying out group orders. Furthermore, the chassis has this name written all over it. That doesn't sound like the spirit of DIY to me - more like free advertising for someone else after you've built the damn thing yourself and had to source many of the parts.

6.) Steve has indicated plans for many other kits in the future. Again, that's fine, but that's also enterprise. This potentiality gives me the impression that this forum will forever be marketing these products to me.

7.) Is it not reasonable to assume that "the Lab" could serve as a free technical support forum and knowledge-base for Steve's business? For other's who do the same. Couldn't answering questions about la2a problems end up solving one of Steve's customers problems? Obviously, there's a lot more to building an la2a than just buying this kit. So, in theory, Steve gets paid a 20% profit on one half of an la2a kit, and this forum picks up the tab for the support and help in sourcing the rest of the parts.

8.) Personally, Steve's entitled to a profit - I agree. That's business. I have no problem with free-enterprise.

9.) Steve asked to use my la2a layout - he offered to pay in future hardware - I declined. That layout took several days and an awful lot of research to put together, and I gave it to the people here for free as a token of my appreciation. Unfortunately, that layout can still be used by Steve or others to enhance their products and as such contribute to their value and as such contribute to their profit. That means I've been exploited. In fact, could it not be argued that Steve's kit is potentially an amalgamation of much of the information posted prior, the sum of our individual labors, bundled and marketed back to us at a profit? Or was the kit developed in a cave somewhere?

10.) I've put together a Pultec EQP-1A layout that I will not make available if it can blatantly be put to use in a for-profit manner. How many others might withhold contributions?

11.) If we set this precedent, this place could turn into Times Square. We could all end up marketing each other - and we get enough of that in daily life.

12.) If this is allowed, then where do we draw the line? At profit figures? Character analysis? Design? Or is there no line?

Lastly, if none of the above makes sense, then I'm crazy and I'll leave and I won't come back. And I'm sorry.



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Jun 3, 2004
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I don't understand why somebody would have a problem with this. The only people who might take issue, would be UA audio, and if they're ok with it, there shouldn't be any complaints! Judging by the amount of work that went into these, I'd be upset if he DIDN'T make a profit! :cool:


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Jun 5, 2004
Perhaps this is just semantics, but Steve recouping some money for the time he's spent doing work, that now I won't have to do, seems different than him just making a profit. It's not like he's selling magazines. For my part I really apreciate Steve making these kits available and I really hope he's not the last to do so.