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Aug 14, 2007
Hi there,

After 17 years in my old studio, it's time for a change, and I am looking for both a new place and a partner in order to further develop and promote the activity.

My aim is to work differently, sharing tools, competences, knowledge, contacts, projects, with people who don't do this just as a 'job', but are willing and ready to invest themselves into building an high-end residential structure in south of France, open to Europe.

Infernale Machine is not only a commercial venture. It's more geared towards so-called Indie music, experimentation, research, and all aspect of creativity, where engineers, techs, and artists work together in order to create something meaningful.

Our activity is not limited to music recording, but also includes : video, movies, digital arts, scenic expression. We also spend a great deal of time building, restoring, and optimizing the necessary equipment.

We own heaps of high end equipment, from vintage and modern references, to more esoteric and unusual stuff, through custom built realizations. The list is perpetually growing and evolving but you can get a snapshot here : http://www.infernalemachine.com/2014/Equipement/

I am not in a hurry, I'd rather talk with people who share the same views and can bring something to the table.

If this sounds like you, get in touch !

Mail : mm {at} infernalemachine {.} com


French speaking : http://www.infernalemachine.com/2014/Partnership/