Looking for schematic, Systech 7012 Flanger please

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Mar 11, 2022
Hey All,

I have been scouring the internet for a schematic of a 70's vintage Systech 7012 Flanger, I have come across
some pictures, and units for sale on ebay or reverb, but no schematic...

So I have recently started joining a myriad of different forums hoping to find someone who might have it
(closest I've come is a post on a stompbox forum site, a 7-yr old post of someone saying he had the schematic,
but I can't seem to get the activation email from the site to complete my registration to follow up)...

It's a rackmount unit using a MN3004 BBD, it has a couple CMOS chips that I think are clocking the BBD.
and a half dozen dual op-amps, a handful of bi-polars, a couple FETs, and a High Current OTA.

I can trace the audio signal through the first couple op-amps, then I lose it (lost in the city without a map),
and there is no audio signal at the input of the BBD.

There is some slow clocking from the CMOS stuff to the BBD, but I don't know if slow is normal?

Anyone here have a schematic or any other info on this unit?


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