Magnecord PT6 Output Transformer / VU Meter

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May 29, 2017
Hi, I'm restoring a Magnecord pt6 and planning to use it as a mic pre.
The OT transformer have tow secondary taps, one for a speaker with 4/16 Ohms and another 600 Ohms (line level).
Since I would like to use only the line out, should I need to connect a large resistor (4 or 16 Ohms at 100W) to keep the output transformer or it's enough to connect only the 600 Ohms tap to a line input?
Also the VU meter has burnt. I can't find the specs for a replacement one. The service manual says "A46B22-1 VU meter" but I can't afind anything about it...
Does anyone knows what I should look for?


  • www.radiomuseum.org_ Magnecorder PT 6-J.pdf
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