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Feb 3, 2019
Hello GDIY

WooHoo! Our FIRST member is officially registered, in a First Come First Pick environment, we are well on our way to a healthy active DIY community lifestyle.

register here

With only 360'ish days left until Show 'n Tell, we really dont have a lot of time so to speed things along I am posting details here prior to hosting them on our website. I think this will help me commit to some details as I am whats medically called "hyper focused".

United Sound Research - Custom Tube Console Apprenticeship - 2021/2022 Sessions

USR is a hand on-line skills training program built on Soldering and PCB propegation devised around Mr. Ian Thompson-Bells, DIY Custom Tube Console Designs.

The Apprentices Guide to Building a Custom Tube Console

Th apptley named Apprenticeship Guide will include:

- Private Members Only Access

- Private Member Question & Answer Discussion/Lesson Platform

- Voice Over Narritive of all Programs Audio Recording (we want you building not distracted by GDIY ;)

- Discounts on Program Parts, Tools and Materials**

- Fully Interactive "Web-Based App" Lesson Plan (Mobile App in Development)

- Online One-on-One Video & Forum Support**

- Online Video Group Build Sessions

- An undetermined amount of custom Video Content

- Printable Step-by-Step Instructions including High Def Images

- 9+ Hours of Lecutures

- Countless Hours of Lessons from the Radiotron Designers Handbook

- The REDD Labs; CTC Card Build Full introspective on the REDD team and their Developments

- The Helios Labs; CTC Card Build Full introspective on Richard Sweetenham and his accomplishments

- The RCA Labs; CTC Card Build + Vintage Restoration Video

- The Pultec Labs; CTC Card Build + etc...

- The Twin Line Amp Labs; CTC Card Build + etc...

- Annual "Show n' Tell"

- Support the Disabled (thats me ;)

- More details coming soon...

This is ALL tailor to you and your Custom Tube Console design. I know because I am both the test subject and the developer of this initiative.

We have to admit we never expected a single person to register. Live and Learn.

More on this soon...

Be Well ;)


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