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Jun 4, 2004
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This is a meta-thread, made to allow you to keep track of the posts concerning this single issue - I will continue re-editing this first post.

- All should be contained in this first post - which is re-edited regularily.

- Everyone is welcome to reply with comments and pointers to things they consider relevant. This will be copy/pasted into the first post.

- On a regular basis, we delete all posts but the first, and bumps it to the top.

GSSL HELP THREAD!!! - The extremely-long help thread for the GSSL. From 2017 reserved for the "vanilla" version, mods and updates in the separate thread:
GSSL add-on help thread - for everything beyond the vanilla GSSL.

The GSSL DIY-page at Gyraf/DIY
Kev's parts list for the GSSL
This is a nice BOM from Greg. It breaks down what type of caps are used where. Very comprehensive and a direct link to a BOM for North Americans.
SSL help thread? - this should be the main fixing-trouble thread. Post technical problems with building the unit here.
Roland's very nice site showing the construction of his authentic-looking unit
SSL comp question to Jakob - About possibly confusing differences between schematic and pcb versions.
GSSL VCA Variations & Resistor Value changes - on getting the different VCA types working right in there
signal to noise in the GSSL comps. - on (non-existing) noise issues, measuring s/n ratios.
Calibrating the G-SSL with THAT2181 - share thread !!! - on fine-tuning the G-SSL for different VCA types
Taming the SSL's threshold sensitivity. - About modifying the threshold sensitivity of the clone
SSL Clone Question? fault in my clone? - Problems with ratio switch and distortion at some release setting.
My SSL exploded! :( About what happens if you feed phantom power into the clone's outputs..
SSL Clone with no treble - what happens if stabilization capacitors are wrong..
SSL clone help - on problems around the threshold and makeup gain circuits. Symptoms: Meter works, but audio does not change.
SSL help needed. Please. again - Symptoms: Meter works, but audio does not change.
1176 Type "SLAM/NUKE" mode for SSL?? - On possibly implementing the "Crush"-function
ssl external sidechain - on adding a sidechain input/insert to the basic design.
SSL mod: extra gain - about getting unity gain through the unit
SSL : bal. / unbal. / 6db ? / 15k <-> 27k - On unity gain - again
SSL Clone compressor ratio measurements - On how to correct Ratio's if they come out wrong
ssl mod questions - about possibly modifying the circuit.
SSL servo files - DrFrankencopter about getting rid of coupling capacitors..
Behringer Meters on SSL Comp - about the round Behringer meters suitability for the Clone.
Does this edgewise meter work in the SSL? - Nice Mouser meter for the Clone
Led-meter for the SSL comp...?? - Using led-meter in stead of the moving-coil types
if you are building an SSL clone with THAT2180 series... - on what to change when using That2180's in stead of 2150's
SSL-clone: electrolytics bypassing - On bypassing or not bypassing certain electrolytics
SSL Compressor Parts Question For North American Suppliers - TubeJay's sourcing-parts list.
Stupid parts question - On component types and ground
Newbie ssl question... - starting questions
SSL resistor specs - on wattage of the used resistors.
SSL Clone Parts - about locating the original type knobs and switches.
GSSL engraved panels anyone? - Svart's .FPD files for the frontplate of the GSSL
SSL PCB connectors and 10 pole ribbon cable...where to find - on sourcing the PCB connectors used for connection between boards
Grounding input & output XLRs on SSL - a little question - Grounding and mounting
Anyone have any 2150 VCA's they'll sell me for the SSL comp? - name says it all.
G1176 and SSL Comp PCB's - Thank you! - Feedback on the PCB's from Gustav.
my first ssl success (pics) - pics of JayDee's very nicely built unit
SSL completed as well ... - pics of Chuck D's clone
Another SSL Finished (pics) - Pics.
Another GSSL is born today - On using the pre-trimmed 2180 and altering threshold sensitivity.
Aphex VCA - part two - This contains a link to a nice article by Ben Duncan about the DBX VCA's, as well as some others. Good theory.
My GSSL - finally finished - also describing construction and use of an API "thrust" type tilting sidechain filter - including layout by Svart..!
Steffen's GSSL High Pass Filter Documentation describing in-detail a  high-pass sidechain filter.
GSSL SuperSC board (clintrubber schematic)

SSL clone: enhanced input & output section

"Thrust" filter:

G-SSL Side-chain (Stephen's HP + Dual Thrust HP filter) !

SSL-sidechain overkill by means of 2 T*h*r*s*t-circuits


Which Hi-pass filter for G-SSL ???

"Oxford" mod (dual sidechain a'la original):

New 'ultimate' SSL buss comp clone ;-)

GSSL Turbo board complete!

Circuit analysis:

Help needed understanding SSL Mixbus RATIO circuit

GSSL Ratio Mod adding 1.5:1 Solved

..Have fun!

We love our DIY.

Jakob E.

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