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More clearing....IOAudio MK7 feeler too..

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Mar 18, 2005
Bumping  my old thread back up....Adding some stuff.

Updated Feb 9, 15


I'm kinda on the fence about this, but I have two IOAudio MK7 microphones that I'm considering bailing.  One is completely built and functioning, the other just needs some assembly.

What you get:

2 IOAudio MK7 boards/transformers
2 EQU47 Mic bodies
2 Q47D capsules
2 Working passive PSUs (Collective cases chassis, Edcor power, Triad choke)
2 Shockmounts
2 20' Mogami tube mic cables (1 complete with Binder connectors, 1 raw cable and Binder parts)

Essentially, everything you need for two, fully functioning MK7 microphones.  The incomplete MK7 just needs the high-impedence portion completed, installed in the EQU47 body, and the second mic cable made up.

I'll have some time in the near future, and if someone would like, I could finish up the second MK7 and ship out a working pair of mics.

As I went through my receipts I came up with about $1900 in parts.  Is anyone willing to jump in that deep?

Let me know!  (potential deal pending)

I have 8 Classic API VP312's.  I'm going to downsize to four, so I have four up for the market.

Cinemag input
Gar2520 DOA
Profile output
Variable gain, no DI

Assembled and working fine.  $225


I have two complete NV73 preamps wired for 24V.  The DC-DC converter board is included, but not populated.  To use these you have to have a 51x rack or spend a few dollars and a couple of hours to convert them to VPR.

Marconi knobs, AML transformer/switch kit. 

$450 each  (Off the market for now due to some experimentation)

I have a pair of FetBoys that need a new home.  They're great sounding pres.  When I was using them, I had them mounted on a card in a DBX 900 frame.  They're still mounted on the card...But no longer in service.  They'll need just a little bit of work to make them roll (rack, PSU, wiring, etc)

$100 for the pair

Another 900 rack

DBX 900 rack with recapped PSU.
2x DBX 905 EQs  *GONE*
2x Aphex 9901 EQs  *GONE*
2x Aphex 9651 Expressors
2x Aphex 9301A Compellers
1x  DBX 933 Mixer/Distribution Amp

The Aphex modules chew some current so I doubt you could fire all those modules with the built-in supply.  I powered them with some really beefy Power-One PSUs connected to the external DC jack on the back of the 900 frame.

Toss some numbers at me.

Digital goodies...

Alesis Wedge (Got the manual too).  $50
Korg DRV3000 with remote.  $50

Here's an oddity...

I have an old Lexicon Core32 with LDI-12T interface, PC-90 card, a period correct computer with a solid-state flash drive.  Computer was tempermental last time I fired it up...But the Lexicon reverbs were great.  Ultimately I just never found the time/tools to link it back up after I shifted some hardware around.  I dunno what to even put on this one.  If you don't want the computer to go with it, I'll pull the card.  I think i've got the original box and manual for the card.

Everything ships from Kentucky, USA.  I'd prefer to keep transactions in the US due to shipping issues.



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Mar 18, 2005
Wow!  Tons of interest on the MAPs.  I've got a line, and a deal pending with my first contact.  I'll cycle through the order in which I was contacted.

PM's on the way to everyone that hasn't heard back yet.


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Mar 18, 2005
PM's replied.


Are you interested in just one of the MK7's?  I suppose I could separate the pair.