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Neumann W492 clone pcbs

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Aug 27, 2016
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Hey guys!

I made a few of these for my personal use and have a few left (4pcs)
they are a replica of the pcb grinder board only difference is the footprint for the pots which are dual linear conductive plasctic ( mouser: 858-P092NFC15BR10K ) and the trimpots (see photos).

tested and working perfectly!

all the component coding is the same (so basicly all the numbers and names identical) thought it would be a good idea for troubleshooting. but no troubleshooting needed as it is working as intended. I have built the PCB Grinder version which I bought from his site. the result is identical.

dimentions for drilling are a bit different but I have a PDF of AI file if you would need it.

if interested please write to [email protected]

thanks for looking!


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