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Neve 542 Mixer with 8x 34128 channels and module rack

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Sep 30, 2004
Sydney, Australia.
Hey everyone,

Time to move on this tasty bit of kit. It features 8x 34128 Neve channel strips in a custom 8RU rack - mic/line input with Belclare transformers, inductor based EQ, direct out modification using JLM balancing amplifiers, switchable phantom power and a seperate JLM headphone amplifier. The direct out mod itself has been done using Geoff Tanner’s pin 4 trick, which uses a spare pin on the edge connector of the modules. As a result, the modules are easily removable.

Also included in the auction is the shallow 8RU aluminium road case for the rack, and a complete Neve 5422 portable mixer frame with power supply. The mixer offers 8 inputs, phantom power, stereo and auxiliary busses, metering, transform balanced outputs and talkback mic. It also can be battery powered through the internal battery pack for “up to four hours” according to the manual. Great for summing, or with the addition of direct outs a great DAW front end or portable mixer.

Condition wise, neither has been used for a couple of years. The channels have had their power tantalum capacities replaced, while the mixer master section still needs it done. The batteries are of an unknown age and probably should be removed/replaced. Original channel thumb screws and all knob caps and colour tops are also included. As is a copy of the manual included full schematics. I do also have the original mixer bottom, though you may need to fabric the appropriate parts to mount the frame in it.

Grab a great 8 channel rack of preamps and EQs, and spent your downtime casing up the mixer frame for your studio desk. Any questions or if you want to check it out, please drop me a message. The channel strips alone have been selling for over $1200AUD a pop lately, so grab a deal!

Located in Sydney, Australia. Happy to ship worldwide at buyers expense. Chasing $9000AUD.

There are a bunch of photos here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j0l5c1pi9ohxzfx/AAD-aW0RKlrW4KocHTleS7Xga?dl=0

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