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Oktava MK-012 figure 8 mic, & Audix D3’s

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Apr 12, 2006
Most of this stuff probably makes little sense shipping outside the USA, there is no inexpensive insured export shipping option here.  The couple of things that will fit the flat rate video box will run $34 to Germany as example, the next step up starts at $50.  I’ll do it if you’re fine paying it.

Oktava MK-012 figure 8 mic, shockmount, etc
MK-012 preamp, figure 8 adapter with (2) mounted cardioid capsules, a hypercardioid capsule, pad, clip, box, and mid-side/stereo shock mount.  Works fine.  Useful as a cardioid, hypercardioid, or figure 8 mic and the addition of another preamp body gives a full mid-side set with hypercardioid mid, or a pair of cardioid, etc.  Moving this on as I've got Sennheiser MKH 30's now.  I got some great drum and piano sounds with this Oktava set while it was in use.  
$400 plus shipping/insurance


Audix D3 microphones
Two available, first grill style, with bags and clips.  Studio use, good condition. 
$70/ea plus shipping/insurance


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