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Oktava mk-319s

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Jan 9, 2015
Grand Forks, BC Canada
Hi all. I have a pair of lightly modded Oktava mk-319s for sale. Never did get around to doing a full electronic mod on these like I'd planned - just did the mesh and I think we siliconed the bodies (inside). When studio was operational, we used them occasionally as group vocal and BG vocal mics for a different tone. Mics in official Oktava pouches, no clips (those regular $10 spiders work)
Selling down/sizing due to health:(
Would rather not sell on ebay though you can find my sales history as imagitrax-canada. Would rather sell as a pair. (Now disabled, getting to the post office twice is really a chore). PM with fair offer if interested. Located in Canada. (To European friends - our Canadian postal overseas rates makes these really expensive to ship, so please rethink if you're even considering).

Other will be listing soon
AKG C2000 B Microphone (Austria)
Blue Microphones Baby Bottle (1st gen - no switches - China assembled)
2 x Rode NT5 condensers pair
2 x MC 520 Recording Tools cardioid condensers
1 x R150 Ribbon Microphone
2 x PVM-45 Peavy utility Dynamic mics
3 x Electro-voice N/D 408 Dynamics
1 x Audio-Technica AT3031 condenser
2 x Audio-Technica 4031
1 x Electro-Voice N/D868 (kick/bass)

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