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For Sale Original IOAUDIO MK7 set, w/Theirsch capsule holder, Power Supply enclosure and more...$430.00CAD

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Jun 20, 2005
For sale is (now) one IOAUDIO MK7 microphone set with power supply enclosure, Theirsch capsule holder, power supply transformer, power supply board, tube socket and electronic parts for the mic board. These have the original Neumann laminations I believe that make up the onboard mic transformer. Shipping worldwide.

One set left - $430CAD + Shipping


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Hello, any chance you’d be interested in selling one set?

Hi yes, I could sell one set. I found the power supply boards as well so that's been added to the price.
Either U47 or U67. Bump.

One kit sold. One kit left. Thanks.
Bump. Nice mic kit. Not available any more. 1 kit left.

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