OT: Turn Scope into Heart Monitor

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Nov 18, 2015
Ahh that makes sense drawn in that way ,one op amp drives the difference signal out of phase into the patients body . Would be a little awkward in studio if you told the performer they needed to be wired up  ;D

The pads I saw didnt seem to make any electrical contact with the skin ,they did seem to contain carbon granuals though.

What about EGG or brainwaves ,certainly an order of magnitude smaller than Heart beats , I read somewhere that the third Reich had captured brain waves upto 100 khz on massive high speed 50ips tape machines during the war ,BASF ,it wasnt just all about fine classical recordings and riesling on the terrace in the afternoon you know. So what would we need to see brain waves ,high z inputs in anycase I'd imagine ,maybe tube mic style cathode followers