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Dec 2, 2020
Hi All,
I've had Focal Solo6s for about 14 years. A few months ago, one of the amps started failing. Not having any luck with focal - and not wanting to be without them for a long time while they get "repaired", I decided to buy a used beat-up one and harvest the amp out of it. That worked great and I was in good shape again... until the OTHER one started failing last week. I tried the same trick again buying a used one but this time the amp in it was nearly as bad as mine.
So now what ? Buy yet another used one and try again?

Then I had this idea - what if I make the two bad ones passive? Get a couple good power amps and a stereo two way crossover. Throw some speakon connectors in the back plate and make a nice biamped system? I know it would take some experimentation and tuning but I have one good "stock" one here that I could compare to.

I need you guys and gals to tell me why this is a stupid idea :) Thanks



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Apr 8, 2010