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Poctop D67 PSU, AMI T67 trany, ELA M251 Clone

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Apr 13, 2015
St Paul, MN
D67 PSU Already built according to the Poctop's guide and using his Mouser cart. The metalwork is from Collective cases.  Functioning properly and used many times. I was building some other mic PSUs for other mics from scratch and thought I would whip up a more compact version of the U67 PSU so I do not need this one anymore.  Comes with the 7pin XLR connector I disconnected from the mic cable i was using previously.


T67 microphone transformer from AMI. Was installed in my D67 clone but I swapped it out for the Sennheiser replacement part. I did not  think it was a good idea to desolder it from Poctop's pcb so it is mounted to the pcb. Nothing wrong with the transformer.


Functioning ELA M251/C12 Clone built with a Nady TCM 1150 Body and PSU. Peluso CEK-12, 3U Audio GZT-12 transformer, GE 5-star 6072a tube. Comes with mount. Head Basket replaced with C12 style headbasket from studio 939. Caps in Psu Replaced and variable voltage added to both B+ and heater circuits. Components in mic are point to point layout. Mic cable replaced with Redco cable and Neutrik connectors because the chinese cable was problematic. The XLR panel connectors on the psu have not been replaced. Polar Pattern controlled from the PSU via rotary switch using U49 circuit topology(including switch in mic which disconnects back diaphram).  Disconnecting the rear diaphram makes an audible difference when using the mic in cardioid. Whole setup comes in  cheap aluminum briefcase.

$550 Shipped.