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Sage Electronics SE-1 Preamp Pair with Power Supply

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Nov 22, 2009
Nashville, TN
For sale I have a pair of Sage SE-1 preamps with power supply. These are awesome discrete preamps, work great on percussion instruments. Favorite on kick and snare. Just trying to fund other gear. $900 plus shipping or pick up in Nashville

  • discrete class A transistor circuitry
    hand-selected precision-matched components
    hand-wired and assembled
    unclip-able input (even by extreme mic signals) – requires no input pad
    26 dBu output capable of driving a 600 ohm load or greater (this covers everything from vintage gear to the latest digital audio workstations)
    48 volt switch-able phantom power w/ jewel light indicator
    Vishay™ gain pot
    gold plated XLR balanced I / O connectors
    very low self noise
    separate DC connector cable from each SE-Pre1 module to power supply
    unique exotic wood (purple heart or oak) front panel detailing w/ vintage-style knob and switch



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