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Feb 3, 2019
Ontario, Canada
Hello friends,

Mr. Thompson-Bell was kind enough to create the first schematic for our console. Until I get a better grasp on drafting a schematic of my own... for now this is our build. The Spatial Audio Mastering & Monitoring 12 Channel Console or SAMM-12 is a 12 channel tracking console and a 12 channel monitoring controller named after Abbey Roads "Spatial Audio" designs from the 1930/40's.

SAMM-12 has been devised as a educational/research build and in the gize of science we have opted to build out Four versions of the Eurocard each with their own transormers to hear for ourselves the difference (if we can). All inductors are Carnhill.


3 x Sowter
3 x Jensen
3 x Cinemag
3 x Lundhl (still sourcing part)

Meters and fader caps will be from SIFAM with pots from BOURNS and 100mm faders from P&G.

Regarding the matter of photos... this is not in my comfort area but is in the works.

Other random details:

A. Removable Base Plate (access for repairs)
B. Rubber Feet (elevate for airflow)
D. Centred Meter Bridge
F. Headphone Jack Provisions
G. Table Leg Provisions
H. QTP Cable Routing

After 2 years of Iearning, I am still too green to know what questions to ask for help. We are looking for power supply manufactuer's. Amek rings a bell as an option.

Any suggestions?

We are building a testing centre to test our cards out early. This I will be speaking with Mr. Thompson-Bell.

All that said. We will be looking for your toughts as we are on holidays until June.



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