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Brian Roth

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Aug 20, 2005
Salina Kansas
From the Brewery brawl:

And this is a copy of the gist of the conversation with Paul Gold:


Let me begin with a copy of a list I made for my great friend/client here in Salina, KS (in 2005???...many years before I relocated here).

Aaron was just starting into DIY as well as owning a pro studio (Trident, then Amek desk, Studer A800 machine, etc etc.). Back then, I drove from Okla. City to Salina KS several times a year to work on various tech projects for Aaron as well as another client in Salina.

One thing that drove me NUTS (pun intended) was not having small hardware for various projects. Here in Salina, we have Ace, Lowes, and Menards big box stores, but the small hardware selections are slim. Fastenal has a branch here...they are semi-decent for selection, but with parts orders typically being needed to ship to here from ...KC??? St. Louis?? warehouses.

ANYWAY, here was my email list I sent to Aaron 15+ years ago:


Start with the basic kit....Decent price for the assortment kit, and
since it's from Digikey, I ASSume the quality is OK. I'm going to order
one of these kits for myself.

Add-ons to the basic kit. Order 100 pieces of each of these:

Order 300 of these:

The 6-32 nuts in the Digikey kit are the "large pattern", and Digikey
doesn't seem to stock the small pattern nuts.

Order 300 of these from Mouser:

That will be a "lifetime supply" of basic little screws and nuts, etc.

Once we get larger than #6, then Ace can fill in the a BIG price.


I used that same list 5+ years ago when working in Omaha on a new/large studio build. The guys there were also very much into DIY kits.

I see the prices have made a big jump from what I remember "back then" (even 5 years ago).

McMaster-Carr is a great source I am just getting used to. Perhaps we should collect a bunch of their part numbers for common "must-have" hardware for DIY and studio servicing?????


So carry on, folks! <g>