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Studio Mollan

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Oct 26, 2011
My trusted NTI Minilyzer broke down a few months ago and I’m not sure wether to get a new one or go with a laptop/usb-interface and REW (room eq wizard software).

The Minilyzer is very limited but EXTREMLY compact and handy. I don’t feel I need to get super scientific in my measurements but getting descent readings on levels, thd and frequency-response would be nice.

So what are you using? If you are on  a computer with REW, or similar software, what are you using as an interface? I’m thinking a cheap focusrite 4x4i/o or similar.

Bo Deadly

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Dec 22, 2015
New Jersey, USA
Software is really what matters these days. Just about any vaguely new USB audio interface is going to out perform any circuit you test with it. I never really liked REW. I have a QA400 and the software is actually pretty good but I don't always trust the results 100%. When first learning E about 15 years ago I used something called dssf3 from which I thought was actually pretty good. Recently I've just been recording .wav files and then run them through a GNU Octave script that averages together lots of FFT data to make a high res spectrum so that I can really "see" what's going on.

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