SOLD: ADM 2783 Preamp and 1540 EQ, Working Raw Modules

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Dec 27, 2011
Brooklyn, NY
Hi Folks, thinning out the herd here so I can focus on other projects.  Here's a great ADM pre/eq set ready to rack. 

The pre has the 202 discrete opamp, UTC O-8 input, and ADM output transformers.  I fitted a smaller card edge connector for testing, but you can use it for racking too.  I only tested the preamp in and out, not the Program, Aux, etc. so I only needed the upper half  ;)

The EQ is currently transformerless, but everything works fine unbalanced.  I was going to be clever and go mic pre out, into the eq, and then use the balanced output stage from the preamp after the EQ. 

If you want to have both units fully balanced, I will include a NOS UTC O-8 and a used/tested ADM output transformer for an extra $50.

Pre and EQ Modules - $250 including Priority Mail shipping within the US.
Transformer set - $50, sold ONLY with the modules.


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