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SOLD: Balanced 600 Ohm Attenuators, 50dB in 5dB steps

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Dec 27, 2011
Brooklyn, NY
Hi Folks,

I have more of these than I need so I thought I'd offer some up here. They are stepped, balanced, 600 ohm attenuators from McCurdy distribution amps. They use Grayhill switches and precision resistors and I measured them to be within 1/10th of a dB. The parts are mounted on a small PCB with gold edge connects and they include the mating Elco connectors with nice guide rails/mounts. If you want the lovely silk screened dial plate and large collet knob, they are available as well.

They are super simple to add to any project requiring a balanced attenuator, whether for input, output, or padding. Just 5 terminals are used (+/- in, +/- out, GND). They will work with line or mic level signals. Mounted horizontally they fit in a 1RU case. I can cut down down the dial plate just below the screw hole if you want to go that route.

$25 for PCB and connector, $30 for PCB with connector, dial plate, and knob (plus shipping from NY, USA). US shipping will be included for orders of four or more pieces. SOLD OUT


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