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SOLD: Bluzzi EZ 1084 PCB's plus Collective Cases (x2)

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Feb 22, 2015
For Sale One Pair of Bluzzi EZ1084 Preamp kits plus Collective Case Cases.

Selling as a pair only. No Trades Please!

Buyer will receive the following:
- Pair of Collective Cases for EZ 1084 (Pair)
- EZ 1084 PCB's Version 2 (Pair)
- BC184C transistors (Pair)
- VTB adapter PCBs (Pair)

The cases are $150 each and the PCB's are $104 each plus $25 shipping. As I am selling a pair of each, you are looking at total value of $533.00 all in. That's when you can find them!

I'll do the pair for you shipped and paypal accepted within CONUSA for $399

EZ 1084 PCB Build Info:

A few additions on v2 to make build easier to build as well as new output attenuation option and some other goodies. I just finished testing the prototype and it sounds as gloriously creamy as always.

It is a PCB of the EQ section only of the classic NEVE 1084 EQ. It adds some extras such as relay bypass. There are two bypasses, one is as original which allows the audio to still pass through the XFRs and active circuit paths. The second relay is a true bypass which routes the audio from line in to line out (straight wiring in to wire out).

The input XFR now mounts on a supplied pcb, to the main pcb for even easier and foolproof build.

I also include the required BC184C transistors as they are getting hard to find. I bought stock to go with this project so no one would need to use substitutes.

The PCB comes with the BOM as well as an 84 page detailed Build Guide. This is a project even beginners can easily accomplish. Success rate for all sold boards has been 100%.

Collective Cases

EZ1084 case will be powder coated black.
The faceplate is vintage Neve color matched from my old Neve console and white silkscreen for the EZ1084 design.

18 gauge metal cases
Rear Panel XLR’s, XLR PSU, and Star Ground cutouts
11″ deep
17″ wide case
Vent holes on tops and sides
Clean outside for easy installation in racks
Ships flat for lower shipping cost

1 Faceplate
1 Top & bottom panel
1 Rear panel
2 Side panels


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