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Sold SOLD - C12 Mic Kit (Complete)

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Nov 24, 2009
Seattle, WA

I'm parting with a project I've yet to start. I have all the parts required to build the C-12 Microphone kit offered from Chunger's 939 store. All the parts are brand new or NOS and it includes (prices are what I paid 3 years ago, so take inflation and rarity into account - esp. the capsule and tube):

Tim Cambell's CT12 Capsule $380
NOS 1960s GE 6072A Tube from Christian Whitmore @ Pro Audio Tubes $180
AMI T14 Transformer $ 95
Alctron Donor Body & PSU (includes shock mount, 7 pin XLR cable, & case) $300
939 Studio C12 Mic Headbasket Clone (single layer) $31
939 Studio C12 Mic & PSU PCBs $35
939 Studio C12 Electronics for both Mic & PSU $87
Gotham tube mic cable & 7pin Neutrick XLRS (male & female) $60

Shipping will likely come to $60 insured in the lower 48, but I'll make sure to check and give you an honest cost. I'll ship worldwide, but again, the price may vary.

I'm offering the entire kit (complete) for $950 plus shipping.

I'll post pictures by tomorrow.


Brice Perusse

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