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SOLD - FS: Bluzzi EZ1084 + EZ1290LE PCB's + Capacitors - SOLD

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Jan 28, 2015
Hey folks,

I'm selling Bluzzi's EZ1084 and EZ1290LE PCB's. I got two of each for a stereo set of full blown Neve 1084 clones.
For those who don't know, the EZ1290LE are Bluzzi's preamp addon for his EZ1084 EQ's. The EZ1290LE are prototypes but at least one member on here has build them with success. Also Bluzzi is a real helpful guy.
Everything, like the transformer adapter PCB's, are included except for the transistors. They are not included. But you can get them for quite cheap on the web.
Also included is a complete set of capacitors to build two units of EZ1084 EQ's from TAW electronics and I include one Carnhill VTB1847 Output transformer.
Everything unused and never soldered, like new.
I paid about 400 € for everything.
Asking 250 € plus shipping and Paypal fees.
Would like to keep it in Europe but can also consider shipping elsewhere.