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SOLD GSSL with SSL balance board and transformers

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Feb 8, 2005
Seattle Washington
Hello Everyone.  Its been a long time since I've been in the neck-of-the-woods.  life has been crazy.  Anyway, I'm going to have a bunch of stuff for sale over the next couple of days that I don't use or never use anymore.  Hopefully it will find a good home.  If you are interested please email me - I probably wont be checking PMs too often -  myusername AT mac DOT com.

GSSL with "nads"

Here is the classic famed GroupDIY project - the great Gssl with a twist.  This unit has SSLtechs Balance boards.  All the caps are the Elna Similac capacitors.  in the pictures you will notice that they are all wired off the PCB.  they were too big to fit that hole size and I wanted to use these capacitors for their warm tonal properties -  over board - absolutely but I do like it A LOT.    I put SSLtechs balance boards in there which as we all know are amazing.  then on the Output we have Two CineMag 1:1 output transformers just to give it a little more iron in the sound.  I love it and wish I used it.  The knobs are these old knobs with pointers that I got from Leeds Radio - classic!  The Gain reduction meter is a gem too and works great.  And I used those expensive pots from digikey.. I dont remember their name though.    Also added a ground lift switch (not that it needed one but this DIy gotta try)  One thing thats wrong - I wired the bypass switch incorrectly therefore it never goes into bypass - its an easy fix.  I was trying to be all fancy and do another one of SSLtechs mods but I murfed it.  Easy fix.   

Price:  350 + Shipping + 3% paypal fee.



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