**SOLD** Harrison Ford Filters, set of 8 with chassis, pots, switches, etc...

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Jun 3, 2004
*** THIS IS SOLD ***

This is a set of eight Harrison filters that were referred to on this forum as "Harrison Ford" filters a few years back when I bought these.  I have partially populated the pcbs (with pots and pushbutton switches), and I have Sifam collet knobs with grey and black caps as well as a 1ru chassis made for this project that mounts all 8 channels with rear panel made for D-sub 25-pin connectivity.  These are incredibly musical hi-pass and lo-pass filters and this is a useful, simple, elegant project, perfect for  rhythm tracking rigs. 

I never got around to finishing these, and I no longer have my tracking facility, so I'm not gonna finish them.  They need a loving home!!

Please PM with questions.  Thanks!


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